So, what can Gould Publishing offer?

Strategic review

Conduct full-scale review of a key area of opportunity for publishing, to encompass current state of market, constraints and openings, funding, costs and potential developments, leading to detailed briefing, written reports, and, if required, suggested action.

Digital strategies

Explore and develop ways of maximizing content through a range of digital media and platforms. For example, propose how a learning scheme or set of resources might be delivered in a range of ways fashioned to the needs of the teacher, learner or other interested partners.

Market Research

Conduct detailed or 'broad-sweep' research into schools' educational market, home learning and trade publishing via quantative research, and/or focused one-to-one, group or larger study. For example, explore the level of dependence and spending on revision guides by students at A Level, or the need for new resources for a key international exam such as I.E.L.T.S

Concept design and development

Take a broad aspiration to publish in a particular area, and design or develop the likely structure, components and schedule for delivery. For example, propose a new series of e-learning materials with some paper-based resources for teaching media and English.

Author teams

As a development from (or independent of) the above, identify , brief and manage author teams for specific projects according to their abilities to write and deliver on time to a negotiated schedule with the client. For example, find a group of writers able to write exam-level core guides to key literary works.


Editorial and development

Take projects in development and shape them to the needs of the client through detailed editing, reorganisation and re-writing, if need be. Commission new materials to bring product or project up to standard, if required. For example, take a set of support materials produced by an exam-board for a new pilot GCSE and develop them to a commercial level of design and content.

Review and revision

Develop any given idea, or area which requires resourcing, and propose a structure for the resource, leading to the writing of the resource . Or simply write to a specific brief which has been agreed by the client (i.e as part of a team, as lead writer/s, or as development writer/editor).


Offer training in editorial, project management, management of authors, writing, web research and review, or provide input in terms of sharing knowledge of current educational market.

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